The spectacular RAINBOW - nature's own glittering sign of

promise to terrestrial beings for countless centuries! What is more

relaxing and refreshing than the dazzling sight of the rainbow at

the end of a stormy day? No wonder, according to folklore, the sight

of the rainbow brings YOU good luck and the elusive pot of gold.

Experience the joy of the beautiful rainbow everyday in your

home with this kaleidoscopic card game, SIXCHEX™,

the crowning touch of family entertainment. May you always find true 





This new PLAYMAX ™ card game has been home tested for your enjoyment.
You can play several games at various levels of difficulty. There are easy games to amuse, and teach children

  • color recognition
  • object classification
  • memory skills
  • spelling and arithmetic

 and difficult  games to challenge even the most sophisticated adult. 

The rules have been simplified and organized for quick reference so you can start playing without delay. Now, you can enjoy your old favorite card games like POKER and BLACKJACK in six dimensions, plus revolutionary card games with over 100 million incredible combinations to entertain you for a long time to come.



Each card has six different symbols: See diagram #1.

  1. PLAY NUMBER on the top left-hand corner {which differs from CARD NUMBER on the bottom center).
  2. MYSTERY SYMBOL on the top right-hand corner.
  3. Inverted LETTER on the bottom right-hand corner.
  4. SHAPE on the bottom left-hand corner.
  5. PICTURE in the center.
  6. COLOR of the band around the picture.

 Each symbol appears 4 times in the deck and each card matches with 15 other cards.


The six game categories are Play Numbers, Mystery Symbols. Letters.  Shapes. Pictures and Colors



Refer to each game for specific rules. General Instructions:

  • Number of players: 2 or more players for most games.
  • Equipment: 72 Six-Way rainbow cards, your own score pad for notes.
  • THE OBJECT: To match 4 identical or 4 similar symbols in each turn.
  • PREPARATION: In a typical game, the cards are shuffled and spread out individually face down. Leave adequate spacing between cards for easy handling. Whoever rolls the highest dice number, or draws the highest card number, startsthe game.
  • THE PLAY: The first player turns 4 cards face up. If they match, he keeps them and takes another turn. If the 4 cards don't match, they are left face up and another player takes a turn. After the opening play, each player in his turn may touch only four cards. Each and any card may be turned over, face up or face down, or left face up, then relocated in the play area. If the four touched cards match, they are set aside, and the player takes another turn. If they do not match, but one or more of them match untouched face-up cards to form a 4-card match, they must be left in play for the next player. A player loses his next turn if he touches more than four cards in his turn. The first 4 cards matched may be put back in play as decoys. Touching a decoy is considered a play even though it may not be matched with other cards. The decoys are removed by the "owner" at the end of the game for scoring. Record the decoy card number (bottom center) on each score sheet.
  • SCORING: Add the play numbers on the corners of the cards then add on bonuses according to the table on the score sheet: The player with the highest score wins. Alternately, the most 4-card sets win.



  1. Identical symbols are alike in every detail; eg., 4 solid stars, ****,  as opposed to 2 hollow stars and 2 solid stars, which are similar.
  2. Similar symbols are alike in general; eg., 4 circles ; ie 2 double border circles and 2 single border circles.
  3. There are 16 similar circles. Pictures, numbers and letters are only 4 each, and are identical.
  4. A rainbow consists of the seven colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. A dark rainbow consists of the dark shades, and a light rainbow is of the light shades..

PLAY GRADES: Six grades of play can be selected by matching various combinations of symbols. The lower levels are suitable for children.  Grade l: Match Pictures only, or any symbol category.  Grade 2: Match Pictures and Colors, or any two categories.  Grade 3: Match Pictures, Colors, and Letters, or any three symbol categories.  Grade 4: Match Pictures, Colors, Letters, and Numbers, or any four symbol categories.  Grade 5: Match Shapes and Level 4 Symbols, or any five symbol categories.  Grade 6: Match all symbol categories, simultaneously.  NOTE:

  1. All cards will match at the end of a game.
  2. Some games can be played by partnerships.
  3. For a more difficult challenge limit each turn to 30 seconds, and add 6 or more decoys to the game.
  4. Matching 'play numbers' or 'letters' in any kingdom precludes any other category from being matched in that kingdom.
  5. Play moves to the next player in a clockwise direction.