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Two, three or four players.

Requires Standard deck of SIXCHEX™ Six-way rainbow playing cards.

  • OBJECT: To first find a "king" and "queen" from Kingdom V, then a kingdom of 16 cards.
  • PREPARATION: Shuffle the cards and spread them out face down with no two cards overlapping. Assign each player a different kingdom to collect. See diagram.
  • THE PLAY: Select a player to start. Each player may touch any, and only 4 cards in his turn. The first player turns four cards face-up. If he finds a 'royal pair' of cards with a 'man' and 'woman' pictures with matching colors or symbols, he keeps the pair, then takes another turn, seeking 4 matched cards except other cards in group V. Each player must first find a 'royal pair' of cards before collecting his 'kingdom'. Each player in his turn, turns each of 4 cards face up or face down, or leaves it face up, then relocates it in the playing area. lf he touches his 'royal pair' or 4 matched cards in his 'kingdom', he puts them aside and takes another turn. It is the next player's turn if the 4 touched cards do not match or contain his 'royal pair', even if one or more of them matched untouched face-up cards. A player loses his next turn if he touches more than 4 cards in his turn.
  • OUTCOME: The first player to collect his 'king', 'queen' and kingdom is the winner.


The deck of 72 cards is divided into 4 kingdoms of 16 cards each, and 1 kingdom of 8 cards.

Kingdom I consists of the group of 16 cards with play numbers 1 to 4; Kingdom II, play numbers 5 to 8; Kingdom 111, 9 to 12; Kingdom IV, 13 to 16; Kingdom V, 17 to 20 with each card having 2 numbers totaling 37

See diagram below.

5 card kingdoms

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