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Sixchex™ Six-Way Matching Card Game – Deck of 72 Rainbow Playing Cards – The Ultimate Brain Challenge

Sixchex™ Six-Way Matching Card Game – Deck of 72 Rainbow Playing Cards – The Ultimate Brain Challenge


  • Suitable for the entire family – Ages 6 and up
  • 72 card deck of rainbow playing cards
  • Play any card game in six-dimensions – Colors, pictures, numbers, letters, symbols, and shapes
  • You also get game rules for dozens of variations of Sixchex™ (available at sixchex.com)
  • The additional online gaming feature allows you to network with players all over the world
  • Improve your mental agility and concentration while having loads of fun

Are you ready to take card playing to a whole new level?

Sixchex™ is a six-way matching card game created to give you the ultimate brain challenge! With all its playing options,Sixchex™ is a fantastic way to increase your mental agility while having a blast. It really is like a workout for your brain!

This fun game is suitable for the entire family. Young children can play with one or two categories of Sixchex™, such as colors and pictures; older children can add shapes and symbols; while adults can play all six categories simultaneously including numbers and letters.

Here are some of the fun things you can do with Sixchex™both online and offline!

Design your own six-way card games and share them online in the Sixchex™ community, and personalize with the URL of your own business, interests or hobbies

 Discover your compatibility with other Sixchex™ players

Play all your old favorites in six new dimensions or try these exciting variations ofSixchex™!

Play “Psychol™” to discover your color cycle; for example if you collect mostly the red cards, that means that you are Exciting, Active, Passionate, Stimulating, Confident, and Dynamic

 Play “Magic16™” to make a Magic Square arranging 16 cards in 4 rows so that the total of each row, vertically, horizontally and diagonally, is 34

Play “SuperMatch™” card game to match 8 cards at a time

 Play “Top Twenty™” to collect the cards with Play Numbers 1 through 20

Play ”Spectrum™” to capture your opponent’s coins or chips provided by the players

Play ”Split-Count™” to accumulate cards with specific symbols assigned to each player

Play “Letterage™” card game to assemble the most words with the letters on your drawn cards

Play “Card Hunt™” to find 16 specific Rainbow Playing cards

Play “Oreno™” card game to win up to 2 million points by correctly guessing specific symbols on the facedown cards

Play “Pyramord™” to use the letters on your cards to make a list of words with each new word being as long as, or one letter longer than the preceding word

Play “Competer™” to test your Personality and discover if you are Friendly, Romantic, Self-Confident, Tenacious, Philantropic, Disciplined, OR, discover your career aptitude; Literary, if you selected mostly Letters, Social Sciences, if you selected mostly Pictures and more categories!

Play “Presidential Poker™” in which, instead of the Royal Flush, your goal is the “Presidential Flush™ with over 5 million combinations, and “Rainbow Flush™ with 7 cards, each with a different Rainbow Color, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, or Violet

Play “Blackjack34™” card game in which your goal is 34 points instead of 21


Behind the Game

Inventor Joseph Daniels is a retired Science teacher and critical care nurse. Daniels has used his life experiences to design games likeSixchex™ that challenge your memory and exercise your brain! He has improved plain old playing cards by adding more cards, more symbols, more colors, and more variations to expand the brain’s luminosity while providing fun and entertainment for the whole family!


Quick Sixchex™FAQs

What is it?

Sixchex™ is the World’s First Six-Way Playing Cards.

What will you receive?

You will receive a deck of 72 Rainbow Playing Cards (bridge card size) in a tuck box and game rules for a six-way card matching game.

Who created it?

Inventor Joseph Daniels created Sixchex™.

What can it do for you?

Sixchex™ provides hours of fun for the whole family while exercising your brain.

Why do you need it?

This challenging game helps improve mental agility and expands luminosity of the brain PLUS it’s fun!

How do you play it?

There are endless ways to playSixchex™! Play your old favorites in six new ways or download instructions for many more new games.

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