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Two or More Players

Requires Standard deck of SIXCHEX™ Six-way rainbow playing cards. 

  • OBJECT: To guess 16 specific symbols on cards which will be drawn at random from the deck.
STEP 1 Each player records on the back of his score-sheet, 16 different symbols, e.g., dark green, light yellow, 17, X, B, owl, solid star, D, e, etc.
STEP 2 Shuffle the cards and spread them out, face down.
  • THE PLAY: Each player in his turn picks a card at random and announces the six symbols. 16 cards are selected, altogether. A symbol might be announced four times during the game, but may only be scored once on each score-sheet. Each player adds the number of correct guesses and score points as follows:
  • SCORING: Less than 6 correct guesses score zero.
6 wins 100
7 wins 500
8 wins 800
9 wins 2800
10 wins 13,200
11 wins 30,000
12 wins 260,000
13 wins 800,000
14 wins 2,400,000
15 wins
16 wins

OUTCOME: The highest total after 3 rounds wins the game

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