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Two or More Players

Requires Score pad and standard deck of SIXCHEX™ Six-way rainbow playing cards.

  • OBJECT: To match the most valuable combinations of similar symbols. See definition of "similar".
  • PREPARATION: Shuffle the deck and deal 8 cards to each player, then place any remaining cards in a pile on the playing area.


  1. Each player may keep his 8 cards, or discard 1 to 8 of them in another pile.
  1. Additional cards are drawn to replace those discarded.
  2. The best combination of 7 cards is selected and another card is discarded.

Combine similar symbols, and score the play numbers on the score sheet as follows:

  1. Add the play numbers of the 7 cards.
  2. Then add a bonus for any of the following combinations.
  • 300: - 7 similar symbols; light, dark or mixed rainbow; or all black and white; or all tan and pink.
  • 250: - 6 similar symbols.
  • 200: - 5 similar symbols; and a pair of other similar or identical symbols.
  • 150: - 4 similar or identical symbols, and 3 other similar or identical symbols.
  • 100: - 2 different sets of 3 similar or identical symbols.
  • 50: -   3 different pairs of similar or identical symbols.

 One bonus   per round. Each game goes 3 rounds.

  • OUTCOME: The highest total wins.
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