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Two or more adult players

Standard deck of SIXCHEX™ Six-way rainbow playing cards.

  • OBJECT: To discover your current color cycle.
  • PREPARATION: The SIXCHEX™ cards stimulate various thoughts and feelings, as they are observed. Each color represents a certain strength, weakness, or governing principle of your life. Shuffle the cards and spread them out face up, separately. Concentrate on the cards for one full minute, then with eyes closed, pick up 7 cards at random. Arrange the 7 cards face up in the order in which they were picked up, in the shape of the human body as shown in Diagram.
Card #1 represents the head INTELLECT
Card #2 represents the heart EMOTION, ROMANCE
Card #3 represents the body SEXUALITY
Cards #4 and #5 represent the right and left hands PRODUCTIVITY, FINANCE
Cards #6 and #7 represent the right and left feet AGILITY, HEALTH



RED Exciting, active, passionate stimulating, confident, erotic, dynamic
ORANGE Forceful, aggressive, competitive, optimistic.
YELLOW Cheerful, hopeful, bright, clever, spirited.
GREEN Firm, tense, stubborn, determined, agitated.
BLUE Calm, loyal, content, harmonious, tender, moderate.
INDIGO Exhausted, discouraged. lonesome, pessimistic.
VIOLET Insecure, immature, confused, muddled.
BLACK Powerful, ultimate, dominate, great, solid.
GRAY Neutral, uninvolved, withdrawn, bored.
TAN Passive, dependent, sensuous, open.
PINK Submissive,  gentle, agreeable, willing.

DARK COLORS     High Intensity

LIGHT COLORS    Low Intensity

The intensity of the colors might be modified by their proximity to 'black' and 'gray'.

BLACK moderates the intensity of the light colors which it touches, but has no effect on the dark colors. e.g., 'Black' in position 3 increases by 50% the effect of any light colors in positions 2, 6, and 7.
GRAY moderates the intensity of the dark colors which it touches, but has no effect on the light colors. e.g., 'Gray' in position 4 decreases by 50% the effect of any dark colors in position 2. BLACK and GRAY moderate each other.
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