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One player

  • Standard deck of SIXCHEX™ six-way rainbow playing cards.
  • OBJECT: To arrange the 72 cards into 5 groups as shown in the Diagram . All cards with Play Numbers 1 to 4 are to be arranged in an orderly manner in Kingdom I; Play Numbers 5 to 8 in Kingdom II; Play Numbers 9 to 12 in Kingdom III; Play Numbers 13 to 16 in Kingdom IV; Play Numbers 17 to 20 in Kingdom V. Each color forms a row, and the rows are arranged in rainbow order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet; followed by Black in Group II and Grey in Group IV.
  • PREPARATION: Shuffle the cards and arrange them face up in any 9 rows of 8 cards each.
  • THE PLAY: Step 1. Pick up any 4 adjacent cards and set them aside. The four adjacent cards may be from a horizontal, vertical and/or diagonal row; or four cards which together form a "T", "L", "Z" etc the cards which are connected by an unbroken line.Step 2: Pick up any other 4 adjacent cards and place them in any order in the space created in Step 1.Step 3.Fill the space created in Step 2 with the 4 cards set aside in Step 1, or with any other 4 adjacent cards.
  • OUTCOME: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until all 72 cards are arranged as shown in Diagram #2.
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