Requires Standard deck of SIXCHEX™ Six-way rainbow playing cards and various colors of poker chips. 

  • OBJECT: To win a pot of chips by betting on a combination of 7 cards. 
  • PREPARATION: The cards are shuffled three times, then another player cuts the pack, i.e., divides it into 2 almost equal halves.A player is selected to be the first dealer. Every player gets a turn to deal. Each player places an ante or the minimum decided number of chips on the center of the table in "the pot." Each player is then dealt 7 cards, face down.

    After the players look at their 7 cards, the player on the dealer's left starts the first betting interval. He may ‘check’ by deciding not to bet; or he may ‘open’ by betting and placing a number of additional chips in the pot. If he ‘checks’, the players following him have the option to check or bet, until the opening bet is made.Subsequently,

    each player in his turn must ‘call’ (match the current bet), ‘raise’ (exceed the current bet), or drop out of the game.

    If no player opens in the first betting interval, another ante is made to the pot, and the cards are reshuffled and dealt by the player to the left of the first dealer.

    After the opening bet, every player has an opportunity to call, raise, or drop out, until the bets of the active players are even.

    Next, starting with the player to the dealer's left and rotating clockwise, each active player receives fresh cards from the dealer to replace any number of cards he discards. A player may stand pat if he decides not to discard and get new cards.

    The player who opened, or if he has dropped out, the next active player to his left, now begins the second betting interval. He could check or bet. If he checks, the next player to his left could also check, or bet. When a bet is made, each following player must call, raise or drop out, until the bets are even again. The second betting interval ends when all bets are even or when every player has checked.

    The final phase of a game is the showdown when all cards are displayed, and their combinations revealed. The highest ranking hand wins the pot. A player wins if he put a bet that no other player met, even though he might have bluffed with a bad combination.

    The ranking order of SIXCHEX™ PRESIDENTIAL POKER hands from the highest to the lowest is given in the table below.

    Only one symbol may be used from each card.


  1. 7:7 Presidential Flush: Seven of the highest value cards, each

with a total play number value of 37. 

  1. 7:1 Rainbow Flush: A rainbow of the seven colors of the light

shades; or seven colors of  the dark shades, of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. 

  1. 7:0 Seven-of-a-kind: Seven similar symbols consisting of 4

identical symbols in one group+3 identical symbols in another group but all 7 cards in the same category; e.g., 4 dark blue colors + 3 light blue colors; or 4 solid squares + 3 hollow squares. 

  1. 6:1 Six-of-a-kind: Six cards with similar symbols in the same category,

consisting of 4 identical symbols in one group + 2 identical symbols in another group + any other symbol; eg;  4 solid circles  + 2 partially solid circles + 1 open square. 

  1. 5:2 Five-of-a-kind-and-a-pair: Five similar symbols in the

same category, four of them being identical, and a pair of other identical symbols; e.g.; 4 solid stars + 1 other star, + 2 dark greens. 

  1. 5:1:1 Five-of-a-kind: Five similar symbols, four of them being

Identical plus another card in the same category (4 dark red + 1 light red) and two similar symbols; e.g.;  + 1 light yellow + 1 dark yellow. 

  1. 4:3 Four-of-a-kind-and-a-triple: 4 identical symbols + three

other identical symbols; e.g., 4  sixteens + 3 frogs. 

  1. 4:2:1 Four-of-a-kind-and-a-pair: Four identical symbols +

three similar symbols, two of them being identical; e.g., four 6's +2 solid squares + 1 hollow square .  4:1:1:1 Four-of-a-kind: Four identical symbols + 3 similarsymbols; e.g., Four X's + any 3 square symbols . 3:3:1 Two triples: Two sets of three identical symbols andanother symbol: e.g., Three 4's +three R's +1 square. 

  1. 3:2:2 A-triple-and-two-pairs: Three identical symbols + two

different pairs of identical symbols: e.g., 3 pigs + 2 dark violets + 2 sevens. 

  1. 3:2:1:1: A-triple-and-a-pair: Three identical symbols + a pair

of identical symbols, and two other symbols: e.g., 3 solid squares

•• + 2 partially solid circles + "6" + "X". 

  1. 3:1:1:1:1 A Triple: Three identical symbols + any 4 symbols. 
  1. 2:2:2:1 Three pairs: Any three identical pairs and another

symbol; e.g., 2 pines + 2 owls + 2 turtles + 1 light green. 

  1. 2:2:1:1:1 Two identical pairs and any other 3 cards. 
  1. 2:1:1:1:1:1 One identical pair and any other 5 cards 
  1. 0:7 High card: Seven cards with none of the above combinations.

NOTE: Similar colors are also BLACK and GRAY, or TAN and PINK.


  • If two players hold similar poker hands of SIXCHEX™ cards, the hand with seven play numbers in sequence - a straight - wins. 
  • Between two straights, the hand with the highest ranking playnumber wins, e.g., 8-7-6-5-4-3-2 beats 7-6-5-4-3-2-1. 
  • Between two tied hands of multiple numbers-of-a-kind, the most and highest multiple of play numbers wins, e.g., 7-7-7-7:2-2-2 beats 6-6-6-6:2-2-2. Also 8-8-8-8:2-3-4 beats 4-4-4-4:17-18-19. 
  • Otherwise, if the play numbers are not in sequence, the highest ranking unequal play number decides the winner, e.g., 10-10-6-5-4-3-1 beats 10-10-6-5-2-2-1; here, the fifth number decides the winner. 
  • If the play numbers in two similar hands are identical, then compare the hands using the letters instead of play numbers, e.g., 'M' beats 'E'. 
  • If two hands including Kingdom V cards tie with identical play numbers and letters, the hand with the most pink color wins.

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