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Two or More Players

Requires Standard deck of SIXCHEX™ Six-way rainbow playing cards. 

  • OBJECT: To test your personality.
  • PREPARATION: Play the Game #10 COMPETER™, then calculate your COMPATIBILITY INDEX as in Game #11 . Round off your Compatibility Index to the nearest whole number, to obtain your Personality Number.

Personality Number and Interpretation below

1 Friendly, outgoing, vivacious. Often critical but very sensitive to criticism. Spiteful, but generally has a sense of humor.
2 An hopeless romantic. Very sensitive to others’ feelings, Slow to get angry and very sociable.
3 Self confident, cheerful, admired. Passionate about life. Full of pleasure and energy.
4 Tenacious, determined.  Works hard to meet a goal. Candid, conservative, loyal.
5 Assertive, enthusiastic, talkative. Can be domineering and impulsive. The life of the party.
6 Kind, helpful, modest. Protects others’ rights. High interest in the arts.
7 Intellectual, dignified, professional. Quiet, reserved. Usually reclusive.
8 Highly interested in wealth and power. Extravagant, stubborn, aggressive.
9 Philantropic, philosophical, psychic. Considerate, shy, cooperative. A true companion.
10 Disciplined, tolerant, productive. Moderate, creative, with good leadership abilities.
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