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Two or Four Players

Requires Standard deck of SIXCHEX™ Six-way rainbow playing cards.

  • OBJECT: To accumulate cards with specific symbols assigned to each player.
  • PREPARATION: Shuffle the cards and spread them out face down with no two cards overlapping. Assign an equal number of specific symbols for each player to collect. An easy game is 'mystery symbols' vs. 'geometrical figures'. Difficult games are 'pictures' vs. 'colors', and 'numbers' vs. 'letters'.
    Select a player to start.
  • THE PLAY: The players will be competing for the same cards for different symbols. The first player turns 4 cards face up and keeps them if they match with 4 of his assigned symbols. If they don't match, they are left face up and play passes to the next player. Remember, watch for your own symbols, and hide your opponent’s symbols by turning his cards over and moving them during your turn.Subsequently, each player in his turn may turn over 4 cards each face-up, face-down or leave them face up and then relocate them in the play area. It's another player's turn if the 4 touched cards do not match, even if one or more of them match other untouched cards. A player loses the next turn for touching more than 4 cards.
  • OUTCOME: The player who first collects all of his assigned cards wins. If no player collects all of his assigned symbols, then the highest total of play numbers wins. Add bonuses on the score sheet.

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