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Two or More Players

Requires One or more Standard decks of SIXCHEX™ Six-way rainbow playing cards and a dictionary for each player. 

  • OBJECT: To use card 'letters' to make a list of words, with each word being as long as or longer than the one preceding it.
  • PREPARATION: Shuffle the decks and deal 16 cards to each player.
  • THE PLAY: On the back of the score-sheet write a one- or two- letter word using letters on your cards.  hereafter, each succeeding word is  increased by one or more letters, or must contain the same number of letters as the preceding word. Each card may be used several times; but only once in each word. After six minutes of word-building, all the cards are reshuffled. Each player then draws a number of cards which is four greater than the number of letters in his last word. With his new set of cards, a player must make a word with an equal number of letters as his last word or longer, within two minutes. If he makes another word within two minutes, he draws two additional cards and continues to build his "pyramord™".If a player is unable to make a new word within two minutes, he is eliminated from the game.
  • OUTCOME: The player who uses the most letters wins the game. If there is a tie, the tied players draw 10 cards and compete to make the most words in six minutes.
  • VARIATIONS: Use only one category of words in each game; e.g., "words used in sports", "fashion words", "medical words", etc.

    NOTE: Misspelled words must be discarded. Players must decide 
    at the start of the game whether to play with open or closed dictionaries.










                     Diagram : A "Pyramord™.

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