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Two or More Players

Requires Standard deck of SIXCHEX™ Six-way rainbow playing cards, and poker chips for betting.

  • OBJECT: To score 34 points or less, but more than the dealer.
  • PREPARATION: Select a player to deal. The dealer is changed often, moving clockwise. Discard the cards with play numbers 17 to 20. Shuffle the remaining 64 cards and have another player cut the deck. Each player places a bet against the dealer. A minimum and maximum limit are placed on the amount the players may bet. Dealing clockwise, each player including the dealer, receives two cards face down. After looking at his two cards, anyone may double his bet. If the dealer doubles, all bets are doubled.
  • THE PLAY: The dealer settles with each player clockwise, one at a time, dealing cards face up. A player says "Hit me" to receive more cards, or "I stand" to stop the deal. If  his total goes over 34, he surrenders his cards to the dealer who puts them face up on the bottom of the pack . The dealer collects the bet. If a player gets 34 he is paid an amount equal to his bet. After the dealer has settled with the other players, he turns up his face-down cards. He adds more cards or stands, at his discretion.If he goes over 34, he pays each player who has stood, an amount equal to his bet. If the dealer stands on 34 or less, he collects the bets of players having a lower count, and has a 'push' or 'standoff’ with those players having the same count. Any player who stands with 4 cards totaling 34, gets a 'naturaI 34', and is paid double his bet; except if the dealer also has a 'natural 34'.

Played cards are placed face-up at the bottom of the pack. When all cards are used up the deck is reshuffled. If a player wins the next game following a 'standoff’ he is paid double his bet.

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