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Two or More Players

Requires Standard deck of SIXCHEX™ Six-way rainbow playing cards. 

  • OBJECT: To match 16 sets of four play numbers in order.
  • PREPARATION: Discard the 8 cards with play numbers 17 to select 16 cards with play numbers 1 through 16 and place them in order in a pile face up, with play number "1" uppermost.

    Shuffle the other cards and spread them out face down.
  • THE PLAY: The first player turns three cards face up. If he gets three "1's", he matches them with the "1" on the top card of the pile, and plays again. If the three cards do not match the current top play number in the pile, they are left face up for the next player. Subsequently, each player in turn may touch any three cards which are spread out, turning each of them face up or down, or leaving it face up, then relocating it. He gains an extra turn for matching the current top play number in the pile of cards, and forfeits the next turn for touching more than three spread-out cards. The 4-card matched sets are removed from play, when found.
  • VARIATIONS: Use 16 numbers, letters, pictures, or colors, in any order, in the card pile. 

  • OUTCOME: The highest total of play numbers, or the most 4-card sets, wins. Choose one objective before playing.
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