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Two to six players ages 6 to 96

Requires Two decks (144 cards) of Sixchex™ Six-Way Rainbow Playing Cards, each consisting of 4 Kingdoms (I - IV) with Play Numbers 1 - 16, and one Kingdom V with Play Numbers 17 - 20.

  • OBJECT: To be the first player to get rid of all of your cards, by forming card rainbows of 7 colors plus Black or Grey, numerical sequences of 16 Play Numbers, or alphabetical order of 16 letters.
  • PREPARATION: Shuffle the cards, and have each player select a card. The player with the highest Play Number is the Dealer. Each player takes a turn in a clockwise rotation, and the Deal moves clockwise after each game or round. Choose to play a game of Colors, Play Numbers, or Letters.
  • GAME DEFINITIONS: All players use the same Center Pile, and Stacks, in the center of the playing surface. CENTER PILE is the remaining set of cards placed face down in the center of the Play Area, after each player is dealt 20 cards. STACKS are built up near the CENTER PILE during the game, by each player adding more cards in sequence, from his HAND, HOME PILE, and TEMP PILE. You can build up to 4 STACKS in each game. If the game is to build Rainbow color STACKS you can build Dark, and Light Rainbows; 1. Dark Rainbows; - Dark Red, Dark Orange, Dark Yellow, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Dark Indigo, Dark Violet, Plus Black. 2. Light Rainbows; - Light Red, Light Orange, Light Yellow, Light Green, Light Blue, Light Indigo, Light Violet, plus Gray. If the game is to build Play Number STACKS, you can build Stacks of Play Numbers 1 -16 in sequence. If the game is to build Letter STACKS, you can build stacks of LETTERS A – U in alphabetical order. The STACKS spots are empty at the start of the game. FINISHED STACK; A Finished Stack is a set of 8 cards with 8 different colors, Dark or Light, or 16 Play Numbers in numerical sequence, or 16 Letters in alphabetical order. A Finished Stack of cards is set aside, and another stack is started in that category. WILD CARDS; Card Numbers 65-72, with Play Numbers 17 - 20, are called Head Cards, or Wild Cards. Wild Cards can be used as any Color, Play Number, or Letter, to start a STACK, or at any time during play. Each player has their own Home Pile, and 4 Temp Piles. .HOME PILE is the set of 20 cards dealt to each player at the start of the game, with the top card face up, and the other 19 cards face down. After the top card is played, the next card is flipped face up. . TEMP PILES are up to 4 temporary piles placed near a player’s Home Pile, where the player will put only one card from his HAND face up after his/her turn. The TEMP PILE spots are empty at the start of the game.
  • THE PLAY: After the cards are shuffled and each player is dealt 20 cards, the next player to the Dealer's left starts play, by drawing 7 cards from the CENTER PILE. Then, that player places cards from his HAND, or the top card of his HOME PILE or TEMP PILE, to fill the STACKS near the CENTER PILE, by Color for a Colors Game, Play Number for a Numbers Game, or Letter for a Letters Game, in proper sequence face up, until he is unable to play, or he decides to stop. To start a new STACK, you may use a card with Red color for the Color Stack, Play Number 1 for the Number Stack, Or Letter A for the Letter Stack, or a WILD card. A WILD CARD may be used in any of the STACKS at any time during a player's turn. You may keep using the top card from your HOME PILE to fill a STACK as long as there is a possible play. Your goal is to deplete all the cards from your HOME PILE to win. If the player uses all 7 cards drawn from the CENTER PILE, he draws another set of 7 cards and continues playing; if not, he waits for his next turn, and then draws extra cards to make up a total of 7 cards in his HAND. After his turn, the player moves one card face up from his HAND to his TEMP PILE. Play continues clockwise, with the player to the left taking the next turn. If the cards from the CENTER PILE is depleted, shuffle the cards from the FINISHED STACKS to form a new CENTER PILE.
  • THE WINNER The Winner is the first player who moves all the cards from his HOME PILE to a STACK or TEMP PILE. As a variation of the game, you might decide to play 3 different rounds, one with Colors, another with Play Numbers, and another with Letters. The winner of each round accumulates 25 points, plus 5 points for each of the other players’ cards left over in their HOME PILE. The player with the highest total score for the 3 rounds, is the Grand Winner.

Make up your own game rules to play with the Sixchex™ Six-Way Rainbow Playing Cards and post them on Social media, or at sixchex.com/community4sixchex

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