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Two Players

Requires Standard deck of SIXCHEX™ Six-way rainbow playing cards.

  • OBJECT: To collect the cards with Play Numbers 1 through 20.
  • PREPARATION: Shuffle the cards and spread them out face down with no two cards overlapping. Select a player to start.
  • THE PLAY: The first player turns 4 cards face up. If they match with 4 identical symbols, he keeps them and takes another turn. If they do not match, he leaves them face up for the next player. Subsequently, each player in his turn, touches only four cards, and turns each card face up, face down or leaves it face up, then relocates it in the playing area. An extra turn is gained when 4 cards are matched. A player's next turn is forfeited if he touches more than 4 cards in his turn.
  • STRATEGY: Matching any four numbers, say the four 6s, will guarantee you a win or draw.
  • VARIATION: Play this game with the alphabet.
  • OUTCOME: The game ends when one player wins by accumulating play numbers 1 through 20, or is drawn when it is not possible for any player to collect all 20 numbers

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