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  Sixchex™ Cards For Diversity™

The Cards For Diversity™ edition of Sixchex™ Six-Way Playing Cards features the religions, celebrations, food and clothing of our four major races on the planet; Australoid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid.

You will find a list of card game names to play with the new playing cards at sixchex.com, including classic card games,  old fashioned card games, online card games, fun games, games with cards and dice, best  card games  very popular and family friendly, games for cards and poker chips, even a solitaire collection to challenge you and your group.

If you love CardsAgainst Humanity, you will love Sixchex™ Cards For Diversity™, suitable for adults and children.

A revolutionary deck of 72 six-way playing cards with different pictures, colors, numbers, letters, shapes and symbols with millions of possible combinations for many unique games for your entire family ages 6 to 96.

Sixchex™ Cards For Diversity™ is the perfect alternative card game to Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens, promoting tolerance and acceptance of all people.  It is a colorful deck of 72 six-way  playing cards for kids and  adults, comprising dozens of  party games, card games for families and groups in classroom and camping, card games for kids, card games for teens,  childrens games, childrens puzzles. It is the perfect party game with card games for 2 players and up, childrens games age 5 – 12, children games spanish rules included online.

  • Sixchex™ Cards For Diversity™ is the perfect alternative card game to Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens (Trademarks belong to their respective owners).
  • It is exciting for a party game for the entire family 1 – 6 players, children age 5+ to adults age 96 and over.  It provides card games for families, card games for children, and card games for teens
  • Sixchex™ Cards For Diversity™ includes 72 colorful six-way playing cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches), tuck box, and printed instructions, plus tons of game rules online.
  • It is suitable for the classroom, camping, and adult groups. It has children games Spanish online.
  • You can create your own game rules to play with the Sixchex™six-way rainbow playing cards to play traditional and new card games. Play popular childrens games and childrens puzzles with pictures, colors, numbers, letters, shapes and symbols.
  • Sixchex™ Cards For Diversity™ was also funded on Kickstarter

You will play dozens of classic and new card games, and also create and post your own variations online to play with these amazing colorful family playing cards to keep you entertained for a long time to come.

    • …You can design your own six-way card games and share them online with the Sixchex™ community, adding your URL to promote your own business interests or hobbies.
    • …Discover your compatibility with other Sixchex™ players
    • …Play “Psychol™”to discover your color cycle; for example if you collect mostly the red cards, that means that you are Exciting, Active, Passionate, Stimulating, Confident, and Dynamic.
    • …Play “Magic16™”to make a Magic Square arranging 16 cards in 4 rows so that the total of each row, vertically, horizontally and diagonally, is 34.
    • …Play “SuperMatch™”card game to match 8 cards at a time.
    • …Play “Top Twenty™”to collect the cards with Play Numbers 1 through 20.
    • …Play ”Spectrum™”to capture your opponent’s coins or chips provided by the players.
    • …Play ”Split-Count™”to accumulate cards with specific symbols assigned to each player.
    • …Play “Letterage™”card game to assemble the most words with the letters on your drawn cards
    • …Play “Card Hunt™”to find 16 specific specificRainbow Playing cards.
    • …Play “Oreno™”card game to win up to 2 million points by correctly guessing specific symbols on the facedown cards.
    • …Play “Pyramord™”to use the letters on your cards to make a list of words with each new word being as long as, or one letter longer than the preceding word.
    • …Play “Competer™”to test your Personality and discover if you are Friendly, Romantic, Self-Confident, Tenacious, Philantropic, Disciplined, or, discover your career aptitude; Literary, if you selected mostly Letters, Social Sciences, if you selected mostly Pictures… and more categories
    • …Play “Presidential Poker™”in which, instead of the Royal Flush, your goal is the “Presidential Flush™ with over 5 million combinations, and “Rainbow Flush™ with 7 cards, each with a different Rainbow Color, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, or Violet
    • …Play “Blackjack34™”card game in which your goal is 34 points instead of 21.
    • …Play "Tinabo-4-Sixchex™”...in which the player who first disposes of his HOME PILE is the winner!
    • …….and much more to increase your mental luminosity, enhance your attention, recall and concentration!
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    Diversity Is A Huge Challenge Today!

    Join our united effort to promote diversity by sharing this beautiful card game. Spread your influence to families, friends, and groups, everywhere. Start your collection of these colorful card decks to celebrate the diversity of people, pets, places, and products in our lives. Combine several decks of the amazing playing cards in a challenging game for the most exciting experience!

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