Ordinary Playing Cards, Over 600 Years Old, Soon To Become Obsolete!




Meet Sixchex™! The world’s first six-way deck of playing cards designed for kids and adults. Sixchex™ has 72 cards with different colors, symbols, pictures, letters, shapes and numbers for playing over two dozen different games.

Benefits of Sixchex™ Rainbow Playing Cards


The standard old deck of cards has been around for over 600 years. It’s time to up your game with Sixchex™. Not only is Sixchex™ a new, expanded version of a deck of cards, it gives so many options for games and variety that it stimulates your brain in new and exciting ways.

Young children can play memory games using pictures and colors while tweens can add numbers and letters. Teenagers and adults can stretch their brain by using all six categories at the same time in one card game. With Sixchex™, you can play over two dozen games from the most popular matching games to Card Hunt, Blackjack and more.

Family time has never been more fun than with Sixchex™. Your youngsters will never know that these fun games are educational. But you know that these fun, family games will stimulate brain development in young kids and cognitive ability in older players.

Some of the Games You Can Play


With your deck of Sixchex™, you fill find endless possibilities. The classic Sixchex™ matching game challenges you to match four colors, four numbers, four letters, four shapes and four symbols in less than six minutes! Get into the fun by playing the online version of our classic matching game. Here is a list of all of the games you can play with Sixchex™. Instructions for each of these games are found here.

Where to Purchase Sixchex™


Sixchex™ are sold on Amazon and Ebay. You can order Sixchex™ for an introductory price of only $9.99.



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Directions of the above video are only to play the Matching Game which is only one of the dozens of games which can be played with the 72 cards included with Sixchex. Here you can find a more fun games all playable with Sixchex.


Sixchex™ is an American deck of 72 Six-Way Rainbow Playing Cards, used to play old-fashioned 52-card games in six dimensions; pictures, colors, numbers, letters, shapes, and symbols, plus more than two dozen entirely new card games suitable for 1-6 players, ages 6 to 96 years. Young children can play with 2 categories, pictures and colors; older children can play with the first 2 categories together with numbers and letters; and teenagers and adults can play with all six categories simultaneously. A popular variation of Sixchex™ is the six-way matching card game in which your challenge is to match 4 pictures, 4 colors, 4 numbers, 4 letters, 4 shapes, and 4 symbols in six minutes or less. You can play the online version HERE.

Sixchex Playing Cards

Sixchex™ Rainbow Playing Card Deck, 72 plastic-coated Playing Cards with Game Instructions for Kids and Adults

  • Six-way Playing Cards – colors, symbols, pictures, letters, shapes and numbers on each card
  • Includes matching game instructions
  • Play over two dozen card games
  • One to six players ages 6 and up
  • Increase mental agility and cognitive fitness



Play The Six-Way MatchingCard Game Now

Is your memory and mental clarity leaving a little something to be desired? There’s something you can do!

Neuroscientists are increasingly showing that there’s actually a lot that can be done. It turns out that the brain needs exercise in much the same way our muscles do, and the right mental workouts can significantly improve our basic cognitive functions. (Source: HowLifeWorks.com)

“Everyone who regularly does more to challenge their brain, does better on fluid intelligence tests than their counterparts who do less.” (Source: NYTimes)

What is fluid intelligence?
It’s intellectual muscle derived from means other than experience. It’s pattern recognition, working memory, abstract thinking and calculating skills.

That’s what Sixchex™ is all about… exercise for your brain that builds (and prolongs) your brain’s fitness.And that’s one reason Joseph Daniels, a former science teacher, created this game for his students.

You can write your own game rules to play with the 72 Six-Way Rainbow Playing Cards and post them at our Community, or any social media site, with your name and business or hobby website link.

Express yourself! The sky is the limit. You can use your imagination to create word games, number games, color games, picture games, and much more, using one or more decks of the amazing Sixchex™ Six-Way Rainbow Playing Cards! Gather your family and friends together for a creative session of fun!

Get My Amazing Six-Way Rainbow Playing Cards Today!


Hello, my name is Joseph Daniels, and as part of an international promotion, I would like to send you my new six-way Rainbow Card Game Sixchex™ for a low introductory price, It includes:

  • A tuck box containing a deck of 72 Rainbow Playing Cards, and Game Rules for a six-way card matching game. Rules for dozens of new six-way card games will be posted online at Sixchex.com, and will also be emailed to you FREE.
  • You may also be among the first Sixchex™ players to collect every new edition of the Rainbow card games; featuring pictures of dating, diet, fitness, holidays, advertising, money, professions, sponsors, sports, and much more.
  • I will also give you instructions to download my FREE EBOOK Get Rich Inventing Games™” when you send for your hard deck of playing cards shipped to you in the mail.
  • Now, you can play the exciting matching game FREE online at Sixchex.com or play the app Sixchex™ Six-Way Matching Card Game on your smartphone or tablet.

If you can excel at six-dimension Sixchex™ card games, imagine how excellent you will be at playing ordinary card games like Rummy, Poker, Blackjack and more! There are millions and millions of possible combinations with six-way rainbow card games to improve your gaming skills far quicker than anything else.


What Is Sixchex™

  • Six-Way matching card game for your ultimate brain challenge
  • A great way to increase your mental agility fast
  • Six categories to play: colors, pictures, numbers, letters, symbols, and shapes
  • Suitable for your entire family ages 6 to 96
  • Play your old favorite card games in six dimensions
  • You get a real physical card game sent to you via the mail for a low introductory price.
  • You get game rules for dozens of variations of Sixchex™ (will be available online)
  • You can also network with Sixchex™ players from everywhere so you can exchange tips, and share your thoughts.
  • You and your family can easily create and share your own game rules to play with one or more decks of Sixchex™ Rainbow Playing Cards.





The inventor, Joseph A. Daniels is a former Science Teacher and Critical Care Nurse who has used his experiences to design games to challenge your memory for a long time to come!

He has improved ordinary playing cards by adding more cards, more symbols, more colors, and more variations to expand the luminosity of your brain and to entertain you and your family, ages 6 and up.With this card game, you will obtain improved ability to concentrate, increased creativity, greater clarity of thinking, intensified access to emotions and amplified states of well-being.




When you buy card games like UNO®, Five Crowns™, Phase 10®, Blink®, Wizard®, SkipBo®, and others with other manufacturers trademarks, you may get only one card game; but with Sixchex™, you are getting dozens of card games in one for one low price, plus you can create your own game rules to play with the Six-Way Rainbow Playing Cards to share with your family and friends!



Here are some of the secrets you will discover playing with the Six-Way Rainbow Playing Cards;

  • …You can design your own six-way card games and share them online with the Sixchex™ community, adding your URL of your own business interests or hobbies.
  • …Discover your compatibility with other Sixchex™ players
  • …Play “Psychol™”to discover your color cycle; for example if you collect mostly the red cards, that means that you are Exciting, Active, Passionate, Stimulating, Confident, and Dynamic.
  • …Play “Magic16™”to make a Magic Square arranging 16 cards in 4 rows so that the total of each row, vertically, horizontally and diagonally, is 34.
  • …Play “SuperMatch™”card game to match 8 cards at a time.
  • …Play “Top Twenty™”to collect the cards with Play Numbers 1 through 20.
  • …Play ”Spectrum™”to capture your opponent’s coins or chips provided by the players.
  • …Play ”Split-Count™”to accumulate cards with specific symbols assigned to each player.
  • …Play “Letterage™”card game to assemble the most words with the letters on your drawn cards
  • …Play “Card Hunt™”to find 16 specific specificRainbow Playing cards.
  • …Play “Oreno™”card game to win up to 2 million points by correctly guessing specific symbols on the facedown cards.
  • …Play “Pyramord™”to use the letters on your cards to make a list of words with each new word being as long as, or one letter longer than the preceding word.
  • …Play “Competer™”to test your Personality and discover if you are Friendly, Romantic, Self-Confident, Tenacious, Philantropic, Disciplined, or, discover your career aptitude; Literary, if you selected mostly Letters, Social Sciences, if you selected mostly Pictures… and more categories
  • …Play “Presidential Poker™”in which, instead of the Royal Flush, your goal is the “Presidential Flush™ with over 5 million combinations, and “Rainbow Flush™ with 7 cards, each with a different Rainbow Color, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, or Violet
  • …Play “Blackjack34™”card game in which your goal is 34 points instead of 21.
  • …Play “Tinabo-4-Sixchex™”…in which the player who first disposes of his HOME PILE is the winner!
  • …….and much more to increase your mental luminosity!

Take advantage of this international introductory campaign and grab my Sixchex™ Rainbow Six-Way Card Game at a low introductory price of $9.99, for a limited time, before the price increases to $20. This exciting fun pack is multi-color printed, cellophane-wrapped and inserted into a tuck box with game rules for you to play a six-way card-matching game of numbers, letters, colors, pictures, shapes, and symbols. You can play dozens of other six-way card games with rules which will be sent to you by email, and also posted online at Sixchex.com.

You can easily create your own card game to play with the 72 Six-Way Rainbow Playing Cards and share them online with the Sixchex™ Community, or any social media site, adding your own name and URL for your hobbies or business interests to make more friends.

Take one small step to greatly magnify your mental luminosity now!

Hurry and get your fun pack today for the low introductory price of $20; ONLY $9.99 plus Shipping & Handling for a limited time.


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EXTRA FAST ACTION BONUS:  Act now and get an additional bonus ebook download about Inventing Board Games.  Note; If there is a shortage of the Rainbow Playing Cards, you will first receive the original Touch Four King™ deck of Rainbow Playing Cards, followed shortly by the current modern version, Sixchex™ at NO EXTRA CHARGE.  In fact, the ideal six-way card game is to play with six different editions of Rainbow Playing Cards together for the ultimate challenge!

P.S: Remember that all the risk is on me!
Play my card game for 30 days and if you just don’t like it, return it  and I will gladly refund every penny of your purchase.

Hurry and get your fun pack today for the low introductory price of $20; only $9.99 plus Shipping&Handling for a limited time.

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I love games that exercise my brain and Sixchex is one of my favorites. It gets your mind moving in directions that seem rare in the hustle and bustle of every day affairs. Exercising your brain helps to keep it young and vibrant, which is a very good thing!I highly suggest you try Sixchex. Besides all the good it does for your brain, it’s really fun to play! Debra Augur


I purchased Sixchex for my 12 year old son to play with after hearing from some moms I know about how well it would stimulate his brain and mental clarity. The best part about the card game it that you get 6 different games to play all in one deck for one low price. I love knowing that he is entertained but yet is exercising his brain all at once. Highly recommend this deck of cards. C. Park


Sixchex is an interactive and creative card game. It’s offered on several platforms, including mobile applications, web-based software, and even in a physical pack. It’s really fun and challenging at the same time, making it a great way for its players to learn and develop better cognitive abilities, while having a great time with your friends or family. There’s also so many ways that you can play it, including many family games that are easy to understand, which is beneficial for younger children to develop quick thinking and creativity. I play this game with my nieces and nephews whenever I have to babysit or look after them, and they love it! I highly recommend you to try out. After all, you have nothing to lose, and maybe a really fun game to gain. Gillian N


It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a puzzle game. Sixchex reminded me of the old days, when simple games were so fun and amazing you could be playing them for hours. The game is simple and after a few minutes of understanding the way it’s been played, get yourself ready for hours of fun and puzzle solving. George Papas


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